CIRED WORKSHOP 2014 - Challenges of implementing Active Distribution System Management - 11-12 JUNE 2014 - Rome, Italy

workshop themes

The workshop will be structured following four themes :

1. Active customers and regulatory matters

  • Roles and responsibilities of operators
  • Customer engagement
  • New tariffs and incentives
  • Funding of investments

2. Network planning and access options

  • Planning processes
  • Analysis tools and techniques for active networks
  • Smart solution approval and standardisation
  • Network access arrangements

3. Grid operation and congestion management

  • Operational planning and scheduling
  • Forecasting local power generation and demand
  • Congestion management
  • Activating flexibility
  • New system services and control requirements
  • Voltage control
  • Information and data exchange
  • TSO/DSO interface

4. Telecommunication and data management

  • Telecommunication requirements and options for telecommunication infrastructures
  • Constraints and synergies of IT telecommunication and security solutions applied in energy networks
  • Security and data privacy preserving solutions for grid management
  • Big data benefits and use cases for energy grids