CIRED WORKSHOP 2014 - Challenges of implementing Active Distribution System Management - 11-12 JUNE 2014 - Rome, Italy

Theme 3

Theme 3 : Grid operation and congestion management

(Graham Ault - University of Strathclyde - UK)

Keynote Speeches

 D. Trebolle Trebolle, GasNaturalFenosa (Spain)
Flexibility and new system services for DSOs: Integration of distributed energy resources

L. Schmitt, AlstomGrid (France)
New generation ICT tools for DSO congestion and active control management

Oral presentations

0040 Integration of Electromobility in a Distribution Grid: Results of the Beacon Project "Well2Wheel"

Peter Franz; TU Darmstadt, Germany; Arnaud Hoffmann; TU Darmstadt,Germany; Jutta Hanson; TU Darmstadt, Germany; Bernhard Fenn; HSE AG, Germany

0054 Economic Evaluation of Distribution Grid Automation Systems - Case Study in a Rural German LV-Grid

Nils Neusel-Lange; Wuppertal University, Germany; Christian Oerter; Wuppertal University, Germany; Markus Zdrallek; Wuppertal University, Germany; Peter Birkner; Mainova AG, Germany; Wuppertal University, Germany; Martin Stiegler; SAG GmbH, Germany; Roman Uhlig; Wuppertal University, Germany

0118 Expanding the high voltage network capacity using a weather condition based indirect monitoring system

Lars Jendernalik; Westnetz GmbH, Germany; Udo van Dyk; Westnetz GmbH, Germany; Oliver Herz; Westnetz GmbH, Germany; Martin Brochtrop; Westnetz GmbH, Germany; Annika Züll; Westnetz GmbH, Germany

0146 DGDemoNet - Final results of field trial validation of coordinated volt/var control

Roman Schwalbe; AIT - Austrian Institute of Technology, Austria; Helfried Brunner; AIT - Austrian Institute of Technology, Austria; Benoit Bletterie; AIT - Austrian Institute of Technology, Austria; Andreas Abart; Netz Oberösterreich, Austria; Frank Herb; Vorarlberg Netz, Austria; Rudolf Pointner; Salzburg Netz, Austria; Wolfgang Prüggler; Techinical University Vienna, Austria

0195 Improvements in Smart Grid Management through Advanced Distribution Management Systems

Roland Eichler; Siemens AG, Germany; Benjamin Riegel; Siemens AG, Germany

0283 evolvDSO: New and evolving DSO role for efficient DRES integration in distribution networks

 Jon Stromsather; Enel Distribuzione, Italy; Carlos Francisco Costa Rausa; Enel Distribuzione, Italy; Pierre Mallet; Électricité Réseau Distribution France, France

Round Table
(Moderator : Per-Olof Granstrom, EDSO)