CIRED WORKSHOP 2014 - Challenges of implementing Active Distribution System Management - 11-12 JUNE 2014 - Rome, Italy

Theme 2

Theme 2 : Network planning and access options

(Fabrizio Pilo - University of Cagliari – Italy)

Keynote Speeches

Mark McGranaghan, EPRI (USA)
Planning for the Integrated Grid

Prof. N. Hadjsaid, University of Grenoble (France)
Distribution grids transition: Linking operational and planning challenges

Oral presentations

0188 Probabilistic methods moving towards the field: A tool for DG connection studies featuring the alternatives to grid reinforcement

Alberto Pagnetti; EDF R&D, France; Gauthier Delille; EDF R&D, France; Gilles Malarange; EDF R&D, France; Antoine Minaud; ERDF, France

0378 Advanced active distribution simulations with the ATLANTIDE web cloud facilities

Fabrizio Pilo; University of Cagliari, Italy; Giuditta Pisano; University of Cagliari, Italy; Gian Giuseppe Soma; University of Cagliari, Italy; Roberto Langella; II University of Napoli, Italy; Luigi Feola; II University of Napoli, Italy; Alfredo Testa; II University of Napoli, Italy; Roberto Caldon; University of Padova, Italy; Massimiliano Coppo; University of Padova, Italy; Roberto Turri; University of Padova, Italy; Diego Dal Canto; ENEL Engineering & Research, Italy; Gianluca Gigliucci; ENEL Engineering & Research, Italy; Giacomo Petretto; ENEL Engineering & Research, Italy

0330 An Innovative Software Platform for Simulation and Optimization of Active Distribution Grids for DSOs and SmartGrid Researchers

Stephan Koch; ETH Zurich, Switzerland; Adaptricity GmbH, Switzerland; Andreas Ulbig; ETH Zurich, Switzerland; Adaptricity GmbH, Switzerland; Francesco Ferrucci; ETH Zurich, Switzerland; Adaptricity GmbH, Switzerland

0152 Methodology for developing innovative planning principles

Sebastian Harnisch; Bergische Universität Wuppertal, Germany; Philipp Steffens; Bergische Universität Wuppertal, Germany; Hans Henning Thies; Bergische Universität Wuppertal, Germany; Markus Zdrallek; Bergische Universität Wuppertal, Germany; Carsten Böse; Siemens AG, Germany; Linda Martin; Siemens AG, Germany; Bianca Lehde; Bergische Universität Wuppertal, Germany; Avacon AG, Germany; Tino Noske; Mitteldeutsche Netzgesellschaft Strom GmbH, Germany; Jens Hache; Mitteldeutsche Netzgesellschaft Strom GmbH, Germany

0381 Distribution Network Capacity Increase via the use of Demand Response during Emergency Conditions: A Cost Benefit Analysis Framework for Techno-Economic Appraisal

Eduardo Alejandro Martinez Cesena; The University of Manchester, UK; Pierluigi Mancarella; The University of Manchester, UK

0037 Optimal layout and scale of charging stations for electric vehicles

 Liang Yan; Zhejiang Huzhou Electric Power Company of SGCC, China


Round Table (moderator : Fabrizio Pilo)

Keynote speech : Riccardo Lama, Enel (Italy)
Connection and access options to accommodate DG

Keynote speech : Andrea Galliani , Autorità per l'energia (Italy)
Regulation of renewable electricity

Keynote speech : Manoël Rekinger, European Photovoltaic Industry Association (Belgium)
Connection and access options to accommodate distributed generation

0198 A Co-simulation tool for active distribution networks
Michele Garau; University of Cagliari, Italy; Emilio Ghiani; University of Cagliari, Italy; Gianni Celli; University of Cagliari, Italy; Fabrizio Pilo; University of Cagliari, Italy; Sergio Corti; RSE S.p.A., Italy