CIRED WORKSHOP 2014 - Challenges of implementing Active Distribution System Management - 11-12 JUNE 2014 - Rome, Italy

Theme 1

Theme 1 : Active customers and regulatory matters

(Peter Söderström – Vattenfall - Sweden)

Keynote Speeches

Manuel Sanchez-Jimenez, EC
Facilitating the retail markets evolution for the benefit of consumers
Marialuisa Villa, Altroconsumo (Italy)
Active customers need  smart regulations  in a smart energy system

Oral presentations

0058 Definition and practical application of Key Performance Indicators to support European grid operators to enable the energy policy goals
Ilaria Losa; Ricerca sul Sistema Energetico (RSE), Italy; Gareth Bissel; Enel Distribuzione S.p.A., Italy; Carlos Costa Rausa; Enel Distribuzione S.p.A., Italy; Michele de Nigrs; Ricerca sul Sistema Energetico (RSE), Italy; Serge Galant; Technofi, France; Massimiliano Margarone; T&D Europe, France; Jesus Varela; Iberdrola, Spain; Thong Vu Van; ENTSO-E, Belgium; Marco Invernizzi; University of Genova, Italy

0428 The new role of DSOs: ancillary services from RES towards a local dispatch
Maurizio Delfanti; Politecnico di Milano, Italy; Valeria Olivieri; Politecnico di Milano, Italy; Andrea Galliani; Autorità per l'energia elettrica e il gas, Italy

0145 Identifying the factors for ensuring customers are actively engaged in Smart Grids
Linda Hull; EA Technology, UK; Even Bjornstad; ENOVA, Norway; Yvonne Boerakker; DNV Kema, The Netherlands; Magnus Brolin; SP Technical Research Institute, Sweden; Yeoungjin Chae; Yeoungjin Chae, Republic of Korea; Duncan Yellen; EA Technology, UK

0116 Smart Customer Gotland
Christina Svalstedt; Vattenfall, Sweden; Monica Löf; Vattenfall, Sweden

0335 Social Media in Support of Outage Management
John Simmins; Electric Power Research Institute, USA; Jennifer Robinson; Electric Power Research Institute, USA; Christina Haddad; Electric Power Research Institute, US


Round Table (moderator : Gunnar Lorenz, Eurelectric)

Keynote speech : Luca Lo Schiavo, Deputy Director AEEG (Italy)

0485 Network tariff structure for a smart energy system
Pavla Mandatova; EURELECTRIC, Belgium; Marco Massimiano; ENEL, Italy; Daphne Verreth; Enexis, The Netherlands; Carlos Gonzalez; Unesa, Spain

0295 Developing and implementing a tariff assessment tool using Excel and a bottom-up approach (Big data)
Rachel Walsh; Sweco Energuide, Sweden; Magnus Lindén; Sweco Energuide, Sweden; Jakob Helbrink; Sweco Energuide, Sweden

0317 Network tariffs and energy contracts with incentives for demand response
Hanne Sæle; SINTEF Energy Research, Norway; Jan A. Foosnæs; NTE Nett, Norway; SINTEF Energy Research, Norway; Vidar Kristoffersen; Fredrikstad nett, Norway; Tor Erling Nordal; NTE Nett, Norway; Ove S. Grande; SINTEF Energy Research, Norway; Bernt A. Bremdal; NCE Smart, Norway

0392 Enel smart info after one year on field: lessons learned, evolution and results of the pilot
Marina Lombardi; Enel Distribuzione, Italy; Silvia De Francisci; Enel Distribuzione, Italy; Lorenzo Pizzoferro; Enel Distribuzione, Italy; Luca Di Stefano; Enel Distribuzione, Italy; Stella Di Carlo; Enel Distribuzione, Italy; Barbara Zito; Enel Distribuzione, Italy